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As we all know, this is a year of catching up --- so we are running a little behind on adding merchandise.   We will be adding more great merchandise all summer.  Stay tuned!

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fat bear t-shirt

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The Bears of Brooks Falls by Mike Fitz

A much anticipated book by former ranger, Mike Fitz.  This beautiful book explores the origins of Katmai, then offers a deep investigation into the complex lives of the bears and salmon that make the river their home.

Finally, Fitz examines the human influence on Katmai’s wild inhabitants. Brooks River is the center of a decades-long battle between forces of preservation and development in one of the United States’ largest, most pristine, and most remote national parks.

A Must Read!

Each book will come with a book plate signed by Mike.  This plate is a special design by our award winning artist, Sara Wolman.

This plate is only available through the Conservancy.



Few bears can compete for fishing spots with the colossal 747. He is one of the largest brown bears on Earth and was estimated to weigh more than 1,400 pounds in September 2020.

Last year was certainly the year for 747.  He was crowned the Fat Bear Champion for 2020.  Interestingly enough, his weight was calculated by using the LiDAR system.  Everyone was very relieved NOT to have to ask him to climb onto the scales!

We have reprinted this very popular shirt.  The design is by our own award winning designer, Sara Wolman.

This beautiful 747  T Shirt is printed with 9 colors on a Vintage Heather Navy shirt.  The sizes are unisex.



Ray Troll is an award winning and highly regarded American artist based in Ketchikan, Alaska. He is best known for his scientifically accurate and often humorous artwork. His most well-known design is "Spawn Till You Die".  Ray was the Artist in Residence in Katmai at Brooks Camp where he created the image for this shirt.

The shirt is Charcoal Gray, 100% cotton, unisex sizes.  The Brooks Falls Bears are printed on the back and our Conservancy logo on the front left.

Celebrate your day with our 2020 Fat Bear Champion 747.  This beautiful 12 Oz. is an enamel over metal camper mug ideal for all occasions.  The art was done by our own award winning artist, Sara Wolman.

Hand washing is recommended.

This 12 Oz. Camper Mug features one of our favorite and stellar bear moms.  Fat Bear Queen Holly the 2019 Fat Bear Winner.  Perfect for starting your day or traveling.  The art was created by our own Sara Wolman.

Hand washing recommended.

A truly versatile , lightweight and durable draw string back back/tote bag.  Very compact yet it's 14"x14" size makes it roomy.  The Brooks Falls Bears by Alaskan artist Ray Troll is one one side and the topographic map of Katmai's Brooks Camp on the other.

Fat Bear Week Champion in 2019, bear 435, Holly, has garnered a fan following since she was first identified in 2001. A stellar mother, Holly has raised several cubs in five known litters through 2020, and  even adopted a lone yearling cub into her family.  Holly is one of more than 2,000 coastal brown bears in  Katmai National Park and Preserve.  Original art by Sara Wolman.

Our Katmai Conservancy logo reminds us how the bear and Sockeye Salmon, a keystone species of the region, are intertwined.  To the west of Katmai National Park and Preserve is Bristol Bay, the largest wild sockeye salmon fishery in the world. As the sockeye travel from the ocean to the fresh waterways to spawn, they are a huge part of the diet preparing the bears for hibernation.  Our logo was designed by our own Sara Wolman.

Bear 480, Otis, holds a special place among the Fat Bear Week royalty as the inaugural champion in 2014 and a repeat winner in both 2016 and 2017. Otis can often be seen in his “office,” a particular spot at Brooks Falls waiting patiently for fish. As one of the older bears along the river, Otis rarely exerts himself to chase salmon but still always eats well.  Original art by Sara Wolman.

In one of the most iconic scenes of wild nature, brown bears demonstrate their fishing skills at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska. Bristol Bay’s prodigious sockeye salmon run brings hundreds of thousands of fish to Brooks River and more than 100 different bears have been identified using the river in a single summer. Bears use a combination of body size and posturing to secure access to the most productive fishing spots. A large adult bear may catch and eat more than 30 salmon on a good fishing day.