Cell Phone Coverage in Katmai National Park and Preserve

There is no internet nor cell phone coverage in the Brooks Camp area.  The lodge office has a satellite phone that can be used rented. The cabins and the lodge have standard electrical outlets where you can charge your camera batteries, laptop computer, etc.  The number of outlets are limited so consider bringing a multiple outlet adapter.

Getting to King Salmon and Brooks Camp

Most visitors to the Brooks Camp area in Katmai National Park fly from Anchorage to King Salmon on Alaska Air or its partner, PenAir. Typical one-way fares are in the $215 to $350 range. They vary by the season and by how early you make your reservation. If you use Alaska Air frequent flyer miles, the number of miles needed is usually between 5,000 and 15,000, again depending on when you want to fly and when you book your tickets.

If you are considering using miles for your entire trip, check out the multiple city option that might be available on Alaska Air. If you want to see more of Alaska, you might be able to do a stopover in Anchorage on the way to or from King Salmon, for no extra miles.

The Alaska Air flight to King Salmon is on a Boeing 737 and takes off from Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport. The PenAir flights are usually on a Saab 2000, which seats 50-58, and departs from the same airport.

You should book your flight to Brooks Camp in advance. Katmai Air will meet you at the King Salmon airport and drive you down to the Naknek River where their planes take off. Be aware that flights are sometimes delayed due to weather.

Note that there is limited cell phone and Internet service in King Salmon. If you have some time there and want to get online, see if one of the restaurants might have free Wi-Fi so you can connect.

Depending on your schedule, especially if you are only spending a day or two at Brooks, consider flying into King Salmon the day before heading to Brooks. That way you can book a flight the following morning to Brooks and maximize your time there.