Original Art by Sara Wolman for Katmai Merchandise




October 6 FINAL



Match Up 10 - October 5

Who will face the mighty 747 - Chunk or Grazer?

Chunk  Wins!   

Chunk - 28,814 votes          Grazer - 26,647 votes


Match Up 6 - Friday, October 2

Match Up 5 - Friday, October 2

Match Up 4 - Thursday, October 1

Match Up 4 Winner: 909 with 25,885 votes


Match Up 3 - Thursday, October 1

Match Up 3 Winner: 32 with 59,435 votes


Match Ups 1 and 2 - Wednesday September 30

Match up 2 Winner: 812 with 39,492 votes

Match Up 1 Winner: 151 with 73,749 votes

Our Friends at Explore have an amazing page for Fat Bear Week.  Vote at Explore.org/fat-bear-week.



Champion Your Favorite Bear

Fat Bear Week is coming up around the corner! As the fattest bears get sized up, some people have already picked their favorites to champion. Whoever ends up in the bracket, we want to help you celebrate your favorite picks.

Enter the Fat Bear Week Campaign Poster contest between now and September 25th for the chance to win a Bear Cam 2020 prize. Everyone can vote on their favorite creative posters, and top-favorited picks will be featured winners.

Never Stop Learning,

Your extended family at explore.org